Lubricants and Motor Oils

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#1 Synthetic Motor Oil - Buy Factory Direct
35,000 mile oil changes interest you? How about better gas mileage, and greatly increased engine and transmission protection resulting in equipment lasting 3 to 5 times longer than normal? Make sure to use AMSOIL synthetic motor oil for your next oil change!
AMSOIL synthetic motor oil, lubricants and filtration products.
Advanced Synthetics
Extend the life of your car, truck or boat with AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, lubricants and filtration systems.
AMSOIL synthetic motor oils, synthetic lubricants, and other products provide quality, performance, and maximum protection for all vehicles. Wholesale and retail. Free catalog.
AMSOIL Factory Direct Synthetic Lubricants
Exclusive technical content on motor oil, engine lubrication and filtration from a Detroit, MI OEM auto engineer.
AMSOIL Superior Lubrication
Complete line of synthetic oils, filters, drivetrain lubes and more.
AMSOIL Superior Oils & Lubricants
AMSOIL's synthetic oils and lubricants provide superior protection for your engine and drivetrain. Free Catalog available.
AMSOIL Synthetic Oil - Filtration Products Proven Best
Use AMSOIL Synthetic Oil - Filtration Products for Maximum Performance and Protection with every oil change. Backed by warranty.
Automotive Lubricant Online
AMSOIL from Automotive Lubrication Online: Premium extended drain synthetic lubricants and high efficiency filtration at wholesale prices.
Amsoil, the first in Synthetics